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Probably the best value-for-money security system available anywhere! But don’t just believe us, make your own comparisons and you will see that there isn’t a security system on the market that can touch the features of this system at anywhere near the price.

When tripped this system will sound a built-in 85dB siren, optional extra-loud sirens inside or outside, flash X10 controlled lights and also call up to four telephone numbers. It then plays a message that you record and allows the person receiving the call to listen in.

The system will continue dialing until the person receiving the call enters 0. (In the recording you should say something like “This is Tom Smith’s security system at (949) 221-9200, there has been a security alert, please press 0 to acknowledge and listen in.”) Answering machines will not fool it.

The system can be armed in instant/delay, home/away modes. In home mode, motion detectors are disabled while door/window sensors are armed. This allows you to walk around the house yet have your doors and windows protected from entry. Add up to 8 different security-coded remotes (either handheld or keychain) to the system, one for every member of the family.You can use any combination of sensors you want.

The status of each sensor is displayed by the LEDs on the console. If the LED is OFF, the sensor is OK. If it is ON the sensor has been tripped. If it is FLASHING then the sensor battery is low or the sensor has been tampered with.

The LEDs work even when the system is disarmed so you can see what is going on in the various zones of your house. In Run 2 mode (disarmed) the console will chime each time a zone is tripped and can be used as an automatic annunciator.

Supervised sensors report low battery/tampering.Make your system even more potent by choosing from our exclusive collection of accessories. Use this system to monitor everything from temperature to water leaks.Sounds siren, flashes lights & calls 4 telephone numbers you select (no monthly monitoring fees)


  • Sounds siren, flashes lights & calls 4 telephone numbers you select (no monthly monitoring fees)
  • Installs within minutes with just one screwdriver (Sensors are radio frequency (RF) wireless)
  • Up to 8 keychain/handheld remotes for family members
  • Remotes can also turn on house lights/devices






What You Must Know About Home Security

Have you ever given home security serious thought? Are you unsure about what steps need to be taken to ensure your safety while in the home? If so, you will find some great information in the article that follows. Read through it carefully and learn about home security tips and advice.

Your home should always look like it is occupied. Timers can be used to turn lights and televisions on and off when required. This gives off the appearance that someone is home. This helps you keep your house burglar-free.

Choose a deadbolt lock over a spring-latch lock. The spring-latch lock is much easier for burglars that are experienced in “loiding.” Loiding refers to the method where a plastic card like a credit card is slipped against the latch tongue in order to depress it, which will unlock your door. The deadbolt will prevent an attack like this. Deadbolts are vulnerable only when there is plenty of space in between your door and your door frame for intruders to use hacksaws or power tools.

If you use a social media site such as Facebook it can be tempting to tell everyone that you are planning to go away or are already away. Try your best not to post about being away until you are back, especially if your site is not private. You never know who could be watching and see it as an opportunity to break in.

Make sure to hire a home security company with a good reputation in your community. Check references with your friends and neighbors, as well as institutions like the Better Business Bureau. Finding a company with a good reputation is important because you want to make sure your company will stand behind their security plan and promises.

Do not list your full name in the phone book or on your mail box. This can give possible intruders a lot of information about you and allow them break into your home a lot easier. Instead, only list your last name and possibly your first initial, this is much safer.

If you have a door that does not have a peephole, you should work on installing one. It is very dangerous to open a door when you are not sure who is on the other side. This is a great way for you to keep you and your home safe from harm.

Are you aware of the value present in the wiring in your home? The majority of people aren’t aware of this fact until a burglar steals these wires. Copper is expensive and most wiring is composed of it, so stripping it is a great way for crooks to make a quick buck. Therefore, ensure you hide your wires so that burglars cannot see them, or make the wires extremely hard for the burglars to get to.

Inscribe your valuable electronics with a number and report this information to the police. This will allow you to track something if a burglar was to come into your house and steal the valuables from your home. This will also save you a lot of time and money as it can be retrieved more effectively.

Home security installation technicians should always be in uniform and wearing identification. They might not be who you think they are. This can lead to harm befalling your family and possessions. Proceed with caution.

If you are unsure whether you should purchase a hard-wired or wireless home security system, call a local home security company for advice. It is important to consider the pros and cons of both systems before making a decision. It will take a representative approximately an hour to evaluate your home before giving an opinion.

If you are leaving on vacation, make sure you set some lights on timers so that thieves do not know you are away. If they think you are home, they are less likely to break in. It is much easier for a crook to steal from you when you are not at home.

If you have installed a wireless DIY home security system, you can set it to call you or up to 10 other people in case of a break-in. However, you cannot set 911 as one of the numbers to call, and there is no police backup. The system is purchased more by apartment dwellers than home owners.

Have someone you trust come and cut your lawn if you will be out of town for awhile. If you do not want to hire someone, have a family member or friend do it. If you grass gets too high, burglars will know that no one is home, giving them the desire to break into your home.

A big mistake that people make when doing home improvements is they will leave their tools lying around during the process. This is an invitation for a criminal to either steal the tools or utilize your own tools to break into your home. Ladders, hammers, pry bars and other home improvement tools can help a crook break in and steal from you.

Don’t post too much information on social media sites. If you are going away on vacation, for example, don’t “check in” at a particular location or mention the fact that you are going to be gone for a week. Even if you think your information is set to private, you’d be surprised at how much information hackers can access, and you never want anyone to know you are going to be away for extended periods of time.

Never leave keys to your home outdoors in obvious places. Anyone wanting into your home is likely to check underneath doormats and potted plants, since these are used more than you might want to admit. Be as discrete as you can, or just leave keys with a trusted neighbor who is home a lot.

You should now have the answers to many of the home security questions you had. You can now utilize the information provided to you and begin securing your home. Protect yourself as well as your property effectively with assistance from the advice above. Soon, you will have a home that is safe and secure.