The SimpliSafe Home Security System combines all of the traditional elements that you might need- the base station, a wireless keypad that you put near the door to lock and unlock the system, a keyfob for immediate arming or disarming as well as triggering a panic button, as well as a variety of wireless sensors. We tried out the Classic Package , which comes with four entry sensors (basically mountable intrusion detectors, perfect for use on windows or doors), a motion sensor, a smoke detector, and a siren. And you can purchase additional items separately, including carbon monoxide sensors, and water and freeze sensors. Everything is white, so it blends in pretty well.

The first great thing that I found out about the Simplisafe Home Security System was that everything is wireless. The whole system works on batteries, 5 year lifespan lithium batteries. The hub for the entire system does plug-in to a standard outlet, but it also has a rechargeable battery backup. Speaking of the hub, the base station, as it is actually called, is really great. It has a built-in cellular connection, a siren, wireless and it talks you through the installation.

The SimpliSafe Home Security App is an exclusive application for the users of SimpliSafe Home Security System. It allows the users to view the overall system and its connectivity state, activate or deactivate the system, monitor the temperature of their home, and get notified when anyone goes near their home’s sensitive areas. To help users cope with the most common emergency situation faced by a household which is the leaking pipes, the app sends flood sensor alerts straightaway to a user’s phone.

The monitoring is awesome as it allows me to monitor anywhere when I’m not at home. I could be out and about and I can see what’s going on at my house at all times from my phone. The value is worth the price, as I mentioned earlier we were robbed and the system helped me keep my family safe to where we were able to make sure we got a hold of the authorities in time in order to keep them safe.

SimpliSafe wireless sensors run on lithium batteries so you are protected even if the power goes out.  Each long lasting battery provides power for up to 5 years. What’s cool is that when you do need to replace your batteries you can buy them from SimpliSafe or from your local drugstore.  It also comes with a rechargeable backup battery so your alarm system will remain fully functional for up to 2 days during a power failure.

Secret alerts give you added protection and peace of mind that your children are truly kept away from guns and other dangers. You can also use these to keep tabs on when they are coming home from school and if they leave again. Secret alerts help you know who you can trust and who you cannot trust. They may even help you know who you need to fire, such as a dog walker who gets into your confidential papers! If your private information is compromised, you’ll at least know about it and be able to take the needed steps to protect yourself.

SimpliSafe’s home security system controls allow homeowners and other authorized users to manage and control their security system and support the system’s ability to communicate. The base station serves as the nerve center of the system while the control panel acts as the primary point of interaction for users in the home. Other components, such as the SimpliSafe app, key chain remote and panic button allow users to access the system or signal an emergency without accessing the keypad directly. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Command Echo

Finally, SimpliSafe, unlike most other home security leaders, does not require long-term contracts. Customers pay month-by-month and can cancel emergency monitoring at any time without penalty. Unmonitored SimpliSafe systems can call attention to crime by sounding alarms for four to five minutes.