1 “Protected By SecurePro Security System” Yard Sign (9″ x 9″) Mounted on a 36″ Long Stake Post with 6 Security Alarm System Stickers Included – Blue & White

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ONE 9″ x 9″ Security System Sign + SIX Matching 3″ x 3″ Security System Stickers

This package includes: ONE premium quality 9″ x 9″ blue and white badge shaped thick polyethylene plastic sign mounted to a 36″ long aluminum stake and includes SIX 3″ x 3″ security system stickers.

Studies show that 90% of burglars will not even attempt to break into any type of residence or building if they are in some way convinced that the structure is being protected and monitored by an electronic security alarm system or video surveillance system. This is a REAL security sign and REAL security stickers provided by a real security monitoring company. “Those fake security signs and stickers don’t fool real burglars!”

The sign, stickers and aluminum stake are all weather-resistant and all are made for outdoor use and will last for many years to come.

To install the sign, you simply push the 36″ long stake into the ground down to the height of your choosing.

To install the stickers, you simply “crack back of the sticker” by bending it almost in half horizontally and then you can easily peel the paper off of the back of the sticker and stick it to almost any dry, smooth surface Security System Sign

Just remember…these products are from a “REAL” security monitoring company, and most others are not. Burglars know the difference and are never fooled by fake signs and stickers!This is a premium quality “REAL” security system sign and 6 “REAL” security stickers from a real security company. Those fake security signs and stickers do not fool “REAL” burglars!

Security System Sign




Home Security Tips And Tricks – Use These To Be More Secure

Any woman who lives alone needs to focus on home security. Instead of remaining afraid, you can take steps to feel better. Continue reading to learn more about home security systems.

Do not allow anyone you do not know into your home. While their story may seem legit, that doesn’t mean it is true. This person might just be casing the joint to see if there is home security equipment.

Do not forget to secure the garage attached to your home. There is a way to prevent burglars from entering your home through the garage. Use a C-clamp to secure the door if it’s off track.

Use motion sensors on exterior lighting. These lights turn on if someone walks closely to your house. They will signal movement to you but will also serve as deterrents to the thieves. Be sure to keep these lights working, though.

The first thing to do is get your locks changed out. Anyone from an old roommate to a former tenant could have access to your home if you leave the old locks in place. It is usually inexpensive and can be done in less than 24 hours.

If you’ve got skylights, don’t neglect them when ensuring your home’s security. They look great and provide light, but also are another access point. Any skylights in your home should be secured with strong hardware.

Keep valuables hidden within the walls. You needn’t tear down your walls to do this. There are many places in your home that are pre-cut and available. You could removed the wiring from an electric socket that you aren’t using, and stash jewelry inside it.

Don’t hide an extra key under a rock or in a planter. You may believe you are making life easier for yourself, but you may just be giving thieves simple access to your house. Thieves aren’t stupid and also know common hiding spots. Rather, give the key to a neighbor to hold.

Do not let people on the street see valuable items in your home. You might enjoy large windows so you can see out, but just remember that makes it easier for those burglars to see inside your home as well. If you have windows that face the street, always keep them covered and keep your valuables safe.

Always lock your house, even if you are only going to be away for a few minutes. Many home thefts start with the thief simply walking in an unlocked door or window. A thief can steal your most valuable possessions in a short amount of time.

Don’t just consider alarming your doors when you’re considering an alarm system. Burglars can gain entry through your windows as well. Be sure your home alarm covers all entry points into your home. This is vital to keeping your family safe.

Keep flashlights in your rooms. They will help you get around in case your entire home is dark. Teach everyone in your home to use the flashlights so all family members can see and help each other.

Before signing up for home security, find out how long they’ve been in business. It doesn’t take long for a quality company to prove itself in the security business, and you should look for a track record of satisfied customers and successful work. Whenever you know you aren’t doing business with a fly-by-night company, you will be more assured your home is protected.

Be sure and keep the outside of your house well lit. Criminals like to blend into the shadows, so do your best not to provide too many for them. So it’s smart to put a light in typically darker corners around your home. This will include doorways, porches, your garage, and ground floor windows that criminals can use.

Inquire whether a security company offers variable contract lengths. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Longer agreements may cost less per month, but you may not be able to get out of the contract if you need to. While a short contract provides you with extra freedom, it can cost you more for each month.

You need to take your car registration documents out of your car. This isn’t smart since anybody who gets them is going to know your address. Keep them in your wallet or in another safe place like your trunk. You still need to have them close in case you are pulled over.

Avoid keeping your key somewhere expected. It is easy to spot a rock that is fake. Many people will look under your doormat. A better idea is to have a friend or neighbor keep your emergency key. If you want to keep it at your house, find a spot that’s not obvious. GW Security 16-Channel HD-TVI 1080P Home Security System with (12) x True HD 1080P Outdoor / Indoor Bullet Security Cameras and 4TB HDD, QR Code Scan Free Remote View

You can easily turn your home into a more secure place without spending your money on an expensive security system. Many affordable solutions are available to you. Keep these tips in mind to be secure in your home.