1080P WIFI Wireless IP Bulb Hidden Camera – VR Panoramic Bulb Camera with Fish-eye Lens 360° Panoramic for Remote Home Security System Motion Detection and Two Way Talking

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Bulb Hidden Camera Parameter:
Name: Wireless Bulb Hidden Camera
Pixel: 200 million, 1080P
Storage: TF card / support 64G and below
Interface: E27 standard screw
Reset button: You can directly restore the default settings
Audio Input: Built-in microphone
Night vision: Automatic switching, full color imaging
Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Network signal: Support wifi
Appearance size: Diameter 80mm, height 140mm
Two-way voice: Support
Weight: About 150g
Support device: Android / IOS
Multiple viewing modes: Support
Three passwords: Software password, device password, login password
Zoom in, zoom out, slide, watch as you wish
Support 1000 people watch in real time, watch smooth

Give your family and you the most intimate service, the safest environment, the most comfortable home.1080P HD IMAGING: Compared with the general 960P, our Bulb Hidden Camera  has a completely improved resolution, a great change in image quality, a more vivid color, and a crisp, crisp image that captures more details.


  • 1080P HD IMAGING: Compared with the general 960P, our light bulb camera has a completely improved resolution, a great change in image quality, a more vivid color, and a crisp, crisp image that captures more details.
  • VIDEO STORAGE FOR A LONG TIME, AND WATCH EASILY: Our bulb camera uses a new generation of digital video compression formats H.264 +, compared with the previous compression format storage time increased by at least 30%, the same capacity to store more content. Video files automatically overwrite the old video files in chronological order after they are full, and can download videos directly on the phone for viewing without removing the memory card.
  • MOTION DETECTION ALARM: When someone broke into the alarm area, the device detected a significant change in the screen, the bulb camera will issue a quick alarm sound and push alarm information and pictures to the phone the first time, you can view the screenshots by alarm information, security by your grasp.
  • FREE TO CONTROL THE LIGHTS: Light bulb built-in 3 high-brightness LED lights, while monitoring can be achieved as ordinary light bulbs, a dual-use machine. Sensitive and flexible, automatically extinguished during the day and night automatically bright, and night imaging for color. In the LAN can control the light bulb through the phone switch, watch the video in the LAN, you can use the phone to turn on the lights, turn off the lights or automatically.
  • TWO-WAY VOICE, SPONTANEOUS WIFI: Bulb camera built-in high-definition noise reduction pickup and microphone, watching the screen at the same time, through mobile phones and remote devices to achieve real-time voice dialogue. When you are not comfortable with wired networks and WiFi in your environment, or if you can not connect to the Internet, you can view the screen by connecting your bulb camera WiFi.




Change Your Life With These Good Home Security Tips

Perhaps you are acquainted with someone whose home as been broken into at one time or another. Home invasion crimes are happening more often, and you need to take steps to keep your home safe. Burglaries can happen anywhere. Use the tips in this article to increase your home’s security.

After you purchase a new home, change the locks. You’re not aware of any copies that have been made by the previous owners of the house. Have a locksmith install a brand new lock. Also, if you lose your keys, change the locks.

When looking for a system to secure your home, do comparison shopping. Prices vary significantly, even for similar levels of protection. Look at a number of different companies and get at least three quotes before selecting what you feel is the ideal plan for your home.

Don’t announce your vacation agenda on your social networks. This is especially true if you have lots of unfamiliar “friends”. Although it’s fun to talk about, posting it online makes it more possible for criminals to find out when you’re gone.

Don’t allow a complete stranger to come in your home. People are coming up with all sorts of ways to convince people to open their door to them, with the intent of committing burglary or worse. Therefore, only allow people you know and are expecting to enter your home.

Always have your security system checked each year. Call the company and have them send someone to check it out. Many things can impact the performance of a security system, such as animals and weather. You may not even know there is a problem if it is not visible.

You should not be shy. Be friendly with people that live in the neighborhood. Watch their homes and ask them if they’ll watch yours as well. Pay attention to gossip. While this is unorthodox, it may clue you into a possible home security threat.

Put up motion activated lighting. These lights will come on if someone walks near your home. You will be alerted to movement, but most importantly, it will deter burglars or at least make you aware of their presence. Just do not forget to replace the bulbs periodically to keep them functioning at all times.

Security starts with new locks. Maybe you had a roommate move out or have a disgruntled ex-lover, changing the locks is the best way to keep yourself safe. It is generally cheap and may be done in a little under a day.

Rural areas are just as prone to break-ins as cities. Nonetheless, people in the country may be at greater risk due to being far away from neighbors. Still there are those that think that burglars are not as likely to target rural areas.

Make sure that your valuables cannot be seen from outside the home. Large windows at the home’s front can be beautiful, but it can make it easier for criminals to see inside. Make sure you keep your blinds closed or arrange your possessions in such a way that they can’t be seen from outside.

Are you aware of the value of your home’s wires? A lot of people do not know this until a thief steals them from the house. The copper in the wiring is valuable and can be stripped off of the outside of the home in a relevantly short period of time. Hide the wiring and make it harder to access to prevent this from happening.

Be sure to get a home security service that will inspect your home and tailor a home security system just for you. Each situation is different. If you’ve found a company that can tailor a system to you, you can receive the greatest amount of security to make you feel much more comfortable.

Think about your personal security needs before you purchase a home security system. Even though these security systems can guard you and your family, that doesn’t mean they’re for everyone. Some neighborhoods would feel be safe enough if you knew basic self defense or had a large dog. Know the risks so that you can make a better decision.

If you get home and see the door is slightly open, don’t go inside by yourself to investigate. This is a delicate situation as the burglar might still be in your home. Call the police, then wait until they get there to do anything else.

You should think about getting a home security system that is wireless. Systems that are wired can be a little cheaper, but may need significant reworking of your home’s electrical wiring and can fail in a power outage. Wireless systems tend to be easier for installation and maintenance, and they will not go out if your power does.

Consider a surveillance system for your home and property. This will allow you to see who is around your house. While a visible camera is a deterrent, a burglar might try to disable the camera, but a separate hidden camera can solve this problem. Surveillance systems often allow you to access videos through your cell phone, too.

Can you see the number of your house from the street? It is important for the authorities to find your address in the event of an emergency. Thankfully, you can right this wrong cheaply and quickly.

Avoid thinking that home burglaries only happen at the most expensive houses. Thieves will target any home that looks promising. It is best to adopt good habits and invest in a quality home security system to keep your family safe.